Becky Poynter

Becky Poynter

Name: Becky Poynter
Location: (City/County) Essex/Suffolk border
Current governance roles:




Chair of Governors – Primary School (Academy)

Parent Governor – Secondary (Academy)

Additional Governor – Primary School (Maintained)

IEB member(vice-chair) – at two primary schools

Experience of types of schools:

e.g. primary, secondary, junior, special, faith, academy, MAT, nursery etc.

Primary; Academy; MAT; Interim Executive Board (IEB);  Faith schools; Secondary



Other relevant experience:




Additional governor experience

Academy conversion experience

Tutor – Essex Governor Services

Chair of Governors Development Programme (NCTL)

Work closely with colleagues at two Diocesan offices

Worked in educational administration for 20 plus years.


Areas of expertise:







Assisting schools in Ofsted category (Special Measures/RI)

Mentoring/Coaching governing bodies and Chairs.

Supporting HT and Governing Bodies working together Reviewing governor roles/responsibilities and procedures

Developing strategic leadership

Experience of HT recruitment

Preparation for Ofsted/HMI


Special Needs and Pupil Premium

Adopted/LAC children

Available for:




Y Coaching and mentoring chairs/governing bodies
Y External reviews of Governance
Y Interim Executive Boards (IEBs)
N Staff disciplinary/pay appeal panels
N Pupil disciplinary panels